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We have quality colored Morgan horses for sale in northern California. We are dedicated to producing Morgan horses with Morgan type, beauty and correct conformation. We bred our first Morgan mare back in 1993, 18 years ago. It is our goal to raise Morgan horses that have the best conformation and disposition possible so they will succeed in many disciplines and be versatile. It is important for us to breed for traditional Morgan traits. We want our Morgans to have a good looking Morgan head with a nice laid back shoulder, full mane and tail. We want our Morgans to not only perform but to look like the breed standard. Owning a Morgan horse can be the best experience of your life and we can help you find that special Morgan horse!

Our foals are ranch raised. They are raised in a herd of all ages and run on large acreage with cattle. They learn to negotiate around trees, holes and through water. They learn where they stand in the pecking order of the herd. We feel this is important to their physical and mental development, whether they become a performance horse or show horse or a trail horse and companion for you and your family.

baymount Morgans

Our ranch is located in northern California in Red Bluff, approximately 2 1/2 hours north of Sacramento and 2 1/2 hours south of the Oregon border or 4 hours west of Reno, Nevada.  Our ranch sits in the scenic Blue Oak Woodlands at 900 feet.  The terrain is rolling foothills dotted with blue oak trees, digger pines and manzanita bushes. 

We are very passionate about these magnificent creatures of God.  We enjoy finding special homes for our Morgan horses and making new friends along the way. We are living our dreams. If your dream is to own or breed to a Morgan horse, we can help. Please see our Morgan horses for sale page. If you already own your dream Morgan mare and are looking to produce that perfect dream Morgan foal, please take a look at our Morgan stallion page. Nothing beats the anticipation of the birth of a gorgeous Morgan foal!

We hope you enjoy your visit to Baymount Morgans website. You can now find our website two ways. We are located at www.GoMorganHorses.com or www.BaymountMorgans.com. We are proud of our Morgans. Our horses are available in buckskin, palomino, brown, bay and chestnut and an occasional black. A few have some with splash characteristics and we do get a few with blue eyes. Call or email us for a farm visit. We love to talk horses and would be happy to show our Morgans to you in person.

Happy Trails, Mark & Jeanne Michaelis


  • Life Member of the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA)
  • Member of Sacramento Valley Morgan Horse Association (SVMHA)
  • Member of the Morgan Horse Association of Oregon (MHAO)
  • Member of the Big Sky Morgan Horse Association (BSMHA)
  • Member of the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association
  • Member of the California Bar Association

Baymount Morgans

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